Tatt etter minst 50 innbrudd fra ferieleiligheter

Her herjet tyvene.


Publisert 20. juni 2014 08:56


Guardia Civil har arrestert i alt ti personer som de mener står bak innbruddsbølgen som har rammet Mar Menor-området de siste månedene.

Tyvene, i alderen 15 til 33 år, står bak minst 50 innbrudd fra leiligheter på La Manga og i Santiago de la Ribera.

Tyvene gikk bare etter ferieboliger som sto tomme. Ved et par anledninger bommet de og traff på personer som var hjemme.

Her stjal de TV-apparat, datamaskiner og elektrisk utstyr som senere ble videresolgt på svartebørsen i Cartagena.

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The operation reached its peak when the researchers were able to obtain positive results from one of the prints taken on a farm mugged. With this sample, the Meritorious spotted a group of young, seated in the towns of Cartagena and La Manga del Mar Menor, who was allegedly behind the thefts.

The investigation determined practiced, according to sources in the Armed Institute, those arrested acted at night with a similar modus operandi in all his actions: jumping and climbing walls to the windows of the upper floors of buildings. Once inside, allegedly made with small appliances and electronic equipment subsequently sold on the illicit market or local resale Cartagena. The result of these inquiries were arrested three young, of Spanish nationality, which are attributed to more than a dozen robberies.

The second operations began last March. The investigation began as a result of committing numerous burglaries in rental property environment Santiago de la Ribera. The agents soon arrested two minors, residents of the hamlet, after being caught moments after allegedly steal items from inside a house.

Subsequent investigations carried out by the Guardia Civil to the discovery of a network consisting of seven youths in the area. The proceedings also revealed that the alleged ringleader of the group have paid with drug effects delivered by the perpetrators of the robberies.