Her er Valencia-regionens første strand for hunder UFERDIG


Publisert 22. juni 2013 07:58


Playa Can

The mayor of Gandia (Valencia), Arturo Torró and Beach Councilman Pepe Just, inaugurated Friday Can Beach facilities, the first of Valencia dedicated solely for owners to attend with their pets to enjoy the sea. The area, fully marked and signposted, is located between the end of the beach of l’Ahuir and the edge of the River Cow.

The new beach area for dogs has enabled a point of information for users which helps people with dogs attending the utensils needed to place a wooden stake with a hook for the pet is bound and not miss and hygiene bags to pick up their droppings.

Torró highlighted in the presentation that the area "is cleaned every day like the rest of the beach of Gandia and also use a series of biodegradable chemicals for cleaning the sand. Additionally, inform people how to use Playa Can and measures to be taken to enjoy the beach and the mascot ".

During the inauguration, tourists have approached Madrid congratulate the mayor for the initiative, which from the city of Gandia seen as an indication "of success you can have this limited space and designed, thinking of the pets."

The time zone monitoring and delivery of stakes and attention to users, is 9-21 hours during the summer season, which can vary according to the needs and seasons. To access the beach Can not take this path Guaita Tower Road Nazaret-Oliva.